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YES — Double Digit Growth for Billion Dollar Companies

YES! Large companies can have double-digit growth, year after year, with no end in sight. It’s common knowledge that double-digit growth is reserved for small hot startup companies not $10-50B+/yr industry giants. But it is happening. And it’s a tornado on the competitive landscape.

Your company has plenty of ideas, at all levels of the organization, about how to grow. Learn to pick the right ideas faster, cheaper and with a higher success rate as an Apex Innovator.  

Too often, successful companies use their success as an excuse to slow down and defend their position instead of using it as an advantage to accelerate, explore and win with new products in new markets as an Apex Innovator.

In the Era of Apex Innovators, you can grow fast or go away -  it’s your choice.


Rise of the Apex Innovators


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