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Get ideas out of your head an into the world.

Companies must learn to thrive in a competitive and dynamic world, or fall behind and disappear. That means innovating. But there hasn't been a well-charted course from rough ideas to polished ventures.

Stanford Professor Tina Seelig’s pioneering work on Invention Cycle changes that. It gives us a map that links imagination, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. And the rules and tools to make it happen.

Creativity drives innovation. To stay ahead companies need creative people, teams and cultures. “But am I creative?” That’s the wrong question. Yes, you are creative. “How and where do I apply my imagination to creatively solve problems?” is the right question.

Creativity is a skill anyone can learn. It’s a muscle you can strengthen. Most people are using the wrong definition of creativity and the wrong approach to solving problems.

Unlock your creative power. Challenge your assumptions. Innovate.


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