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Tackle your most challenging and important problems in a fresh new way.

Design Thinking has saved thousands of lives, disrupted established industries, and saved companies millions of dollars. It’s not a silver bullet. It’s a a method for taking on the most complex challenges and discovering radical new solutions.


Design better customer experiences, develop new products and services, explore innovative new business models, transform cultures and lead creative teams.

Design Thinking uncovers real human needs. That discovery is critical to designing solutions that solve real problems. It builds more creative and resilient leaders, teams and cultures. It develops the capabilities that supercharge group dynamics and idea generation.

Design Thinking has gone from designing cool products to revolutionizing the business world. It is studied and adopted by top universities and industry leaders. Our Design Thinking tools are used in classes and programs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, London Business School, Singularity University and the WorkLab Accelerator.


"What Is Design Thinking? And Why Would I Want It?"


Intro to Design Thinking